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TOPDON Phoenix 1000 Mobile ADAS Lane Departure Warning Kit

TOPDON Phoenix 1000 Mobile ADAS Lane Departure Warning Kit

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TOPDON’s Phoenix Mobile ADAS is a foldable calibration frame that offers unmatched portability and convenience, making auto shops even more productive and profitable.

Compatible with TOPDON’s Phoenix Series of diagnostic scanners, this device gives professionals the capability to provide needed work on the most modern cars.

This is a must-have tool for professional collision shops, components, and parts specialists, as well as any auto body shop that provides services such as window, trunk, and hood replacement, alignment and suspension, and many other repairs on modern cars.

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Totally Mobile

The Phoenix ADAS Mobile features a collapsible design for convenience, easy storage, and unmatched portability. With foldable arms and folding base legs you can easily put away this fully collapsible tool.

Quick Set-Up

With this tool, professionals can calibrate ADAS systems from an auto shop, a parking lot, or even at a client’s driveway. Its unmatched portability and convenience makes your business more productive and profitable.

Unmatched Precision

A high-precision 5-lasers device will assist you to position the ADAS calibration tool with exactness. Featuring a multifunctional base with 360-degree swivel wheels, it allows you to adjust the height and make adaptations to calibrate when working on uneven ground.

What's in the box


The Phoenix Mobile ADAS Basic Package comes with a Five Line Laser; a Cross Laser; a Laser Reflector; an Auxiliary Mirror; an L-Type Positioning Bracket; Plumb Bob; a Targets Storage Bracket; two Targets Extension Rods as well as the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) targets. Select the link below for more details.

Phoenix Mobile ADAS Basic Package

Warranty info

All TOPDON ADAS components come with 12 months of warranty against manufacturers’ defects.

ADAS Systems and Components Return Policy

Precision Tec Diagnostics will only accept ADAS returns within the first 30 days, and packaging must be unopened and in new, sellable condition.

Works with all Phoenix Professional Series Scantools

The Phoenix 1000 Mobile ADAS frame is the core component to TODON's expandable ADAS calibration system. Add ADAS Calibration services to your shop today!

  • Shipping

    The Phoenix 1000 is packed on a pallet and is shipped using an LTL carrier. A forklight is required to offload the shipment. If no forklight is available you will require liftgate service.

  • Training

    On-site training is included with the purchase of the Phoenix 1000 ADAS system