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Autel ADAS CV Pattern CSC0611-06

Autel ADAS CV Pattern CSC0611-06

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611-06 - Compatible with Autel ADAS Standard and MA600 frames, for HD vehicles

The ADAS CV Pattern, CSC0611-06, is a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) calibration pattern for the Bendix Wingman safety system camera. It is compatible with MaxiSYS ADAS Standard and MA600 frames. The MA600 frame requires the ADAS CV Pattern Bracket CSC050A-02 (sold separately) to attach the pattern. Calibration requires the use of the MaxiSYS MS909 CV tablet, preloaded with light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle static and dynamic ADAS calibration software. Includes a one-year limited warranty. 


• Lane Departure Warning (LDW) camera calibration pattern
• Pattern number CSC0611-06
• Calibrates camera of  Bendix® Wingman® safety system
• Compatible with MaxiSYS ADAS Standard and MA600 frames
• MA600 frame requires ADAS CV Pattern Bracket CSC050A-02 (sold separately) to attach pattern
• Includes a one-year limited warranty

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Aids in locating the proper placement of targets for radar and blind spot systems. Useful when placing targets that are set on the sides of the vehicle or at angles.

What's in the box

L-shaped Bracket - Used for measuring the distance from the wheel for frame/target placement
Laser Assist Mirror - Easier viewing under the car to align laser with the laser reflector
Plumb Bob - Used to mark centerline of vehicle to point on ground
Laser Reflector - Used in conjunction with the Five Line or Two Line laser to project vehicle centerline
Five Line Laser - Used to find parallel and perpendicular axis from any point
Two Line Laser - Used to align calibration frame to vehicle centerline
Soft covered travel case 

Warranty info

1 Year Warranty

Works With a multitude of ADAS systems

All Autel and TOPDON ADAS systems as well as others

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